About Us

Welcome To First Class Learners Schools

Welcome to First Class Learners Secondary School, where we breed the best and nurture them to become outstanding in their career endeavours. You are at the right place. Our teachers are God fearing and renowned in the teaching profession, dedicated to deliver qualitative teaching and are willing to make you excellent in everything. We are not like every other school and you are not like every other student; we stand out as the best in all things; First Class is our name and that's what separates us from the rest.

To be a shining light which promotes Academic Excellence, without compromising of its Norms & Values nurtured by exceptional character and discipline for National and Global growth
To become pace setters and a standard for other Educational Institutions in both character and learning.
Delivering a curriculum(As provided by the Ministry of Education), which meets the needs of all in a manner that stimulates, challenges, excites and encourages each pupil to question and enjoy the opportunities available to them.
Promoting physical fitness and creativity together with a positive attitude to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Developing self-confidence, self-esteem and personal responsibility, recognising the importance of human relationships based on understanding, tolerance and respect.
The provision of a secure, caring and stimulating environment, which will develop positive attitudes and sound relationships both within the school and the wider community.
Social awareness, a concern and feeling for others and to promote professionalism, kindness, honesty and integrity.
The provision of equality of opportunity for all students through diversity of learning and an extra curricular experience that widens their opportunities and awareness.
The promotion of a strong partnership between the home and school and recognising and celebrating personal and collective success